Leadership – Behind The Scenes

We would like to thank those behind the scenes

Besides the K9 teams there are many other people who devote their time and efforts to the group. They devote many hours of hard work and dedication. These are people who help make the training possible by walking and hiding in some really uncomfortable places and through some really rough terrain, because unfortunately that’s usually the kind of places that people who are lost (or worse) wind up.

Then there are those that dedicate their time to training the handlers as well as the flankers, for things such as GPS, map and compass First aid, scent and how it works.

There is so much more than just getting a dog and going out! There are so many hours devoted to preparing for when the phone rings and some one is lost or missing.

We take our Hats Off to everyone that makes this possible and they deserve to be acknowledged for their dedication!

None of this would be possible without very gracious sponsors like:

Our Officers

  • Linda Abercrombie (President)
  • Donna Maust (Vice President)
  • Rosemarie Szostak (Secretary)
  • Dona Brorup (Treasurer)